Bring You A Napoletano Vibe !!!

Time to stock up your PASTA 

Look for the authentic Italian pasta? Look for the healthy pasta? 

We offer the fine pasta that with high protein and imported from Naples, in which to bring you the vibe of Italy. The quality of the pasta give your dish another level of taste experience. 

In this end of spring season, we want to offer the free experience of traditional Napoletano vibe on your table for whatever you spend $49 with a pack of Fusillo Napoletano or over $69 with a beautiful gift box of the Fusillo Napoletano. 

The Leonessa Fusillo Napoletano keeps the ancient Neapolitan tradition, repeats classic Neapolitan formats, mixing with the same skill that once the simplest ingredients, only water and durum wheat flour, but using the most modern manufacturing techniques. 

Fusillo Napoletano is a particular form of pasta, which was once produced by hand with "fusilli", the typical iron tool long about 30 cm around which a strip of pasta was wrapped and rolled up with decisive movements up to take the classic spiral shape. 

Today Leonessa, using the latest technology, reworks this old format, ready to get it arrive on the table for highlighting the most dissimilar sauces, especially goes well with tomato sauce and Ricotta cheese. 

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