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Red "Datterino" Tomato Sauce Arrabbiata with Hot Pepper by Così Com'è - 10.23 oz

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The traditional classic dish of Rome is the red datterino all'arrabbiata sauce made from top-quality tomato sauce and fresh tomatoes. It is made according to the traditional recipe without adding preservatives, and its sweetness and spiciness have reached a perfect balance. .
This ready-made sauce is suitable for the first dish: long and short pasta and risotto. It is very suitable for people who like strong flavor but want to blend it perfectly into the overall taste.

Ingredients: Red "Datterino" tomatoes juice (83%), red "Datterino" tomatoes (12%), extra virgin olive oil, onion, red pepper, salt, parsley, garlic powder, chili pepper (0.16%).


Store in a cool, dry place. After opening, if not entirely used, refrigerate and use within 3 days


Così Com'è (Meaning “as they are”) tomatoes come from Fianagricola, was founded in 1986 by a small 24-farm cooperative dedicated to cultivating local produce varieties. Nine members currently manage the 740 acres of farmland, which stretches across the fertile Piana del Sele of Campania in southern Italy. The cooperative was founded with one mission: to guarantee a pure, traceable Italian product, from seed to label. All tomatoes are non-GMO and free of preservatives, pesticides, sugar, and stabilizers.

Although we like to use Così Com’è tomatoes to make fresh sauces for our pasta, like our "Rigatoni, hot red datterino tomato sauce, and pancetta". its sweetness and spiciness have reached a perfect balance in this dish.