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Bianco Gift Box: 11 packs pasta by Leonessa

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Free Shipping, The gift box directly from Italy to your home. 

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Contents:11 packs pasta by Leonessa

(Photo just for reference, contains according to the list below)

  1. A pack of Linguine Pasta
  2. A pack of Bucatini Pasta
  3. A pack of Spaghetti 
  4. A pack of Vermicelli
  5. A pack of Penne Rigate Pasta
  6. A pack of Rigatoni Pasta
  7. A pack of Maccheroncelli Al Ferro Vegetali Pasta
  8. A Pack of Pennette Piccanti  Pasta
  9. A pack of Tagliatelle Pasta
  10. A pack of Fusillo Corto Napoletano Pasta
  11. A pack of Mushroom Pasta 
  12. 2022 Calendar 

The High Protein Pasta From La Leonessa Artisan Pasta Factory Naples


*Except Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virginia Islands