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Maccheroni Rigati

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Everybody probably is much more familiar with “Macaroni” than " Maccheroni". The English word “macaroni” actually comes from the Italian “maccheroni” (pronounced more or less the same way). As often happens, the meaning has changed somewhat as the word migrated from the homeland to the new world. 

Maccheroni, in Italy, is the name for various types of durum wheat semolina pasta shaped like a long or short tube, with walls and central holes that can vary in thickness. (If you want the classic mac & cheese shaped pasta that has become an American classic, this will be the good choice for you.).

Leonessa's Maccheroni Rigati is short pasta with ridged lines (rigati) are great to hold creamy sauces.


Durum wheat semolina and water, pasta made from drawing bronze and dried at room temperature

Cooking Time:

12 minutes


500 G / 1.1 LB


Naples, Italy


Pastificio Artigianale Leonessa