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White Gift Box: 5 Packs Pasta by Leonessa + 2 Jars Tomatoes by Cosi Come + 1 Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Cosi Come+1 jar American BBQ Sauce

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Gift Now!!! The most high quality products from Italy that perfect for sharing with family and friends.  

Contents:5 packs pasta by Leonessa + 3 jars tomatoes by Cosi Come + 1 bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Cosi Come 

(Photo just for reference, contains according to the list below, contact us if you would like to customize your own box -

  1. A pack of Bucatini Pasta
  2. A pack of Vermicelli
  3. A pack of Penne Pasta
  4. A pack of Tagliatelle Piccanti (spicy) 
  5. A pack of Maccheroncelli Al Ferro Vegetali Pasta 
  6. A jar of Whole Red Datterino Tomatoes unpeeled in water
  7. A jar of Whole Yellow Datterino Tomotoes unpeeled in water
  8. A jar of American BBQ Sauce
  9. A bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

The High Protein Pasta From La Leonessa Artisan Pasta Factory Naples

The High Quality Tomatoes From Cosi Come, Italy


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