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Hot Italian Combo

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Hot Italian Combo, comes with 

- 1 Tagliatelle Piccanti

- 1 Pennette Piccanti

- 1 Pizzutello Tomato Puree

- 1 Whole Yellow Datterino Tomatoes in its juice 

- 1 Whole Red Datterino Tomatoes in Basil Sauce 

- 1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Cosi Come (Campania) 

2 packages of pasta and 3 jars of tomatoes, and 1 bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 



Tagliatelle Piccanti with Lamb Genovese

Tagliatelle Piccanti with spinach sauce and buffalo mozzarella 

Pennette Piccanti with red datterino tomato sauce with basil 

Pennette Piccanti with Yellow datterino puree 



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