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Scialatielli imposes of the ancient Neapolitan Pasta contains durum wheat semolina flour, traditional bronze dies and natural drying. Every pasta format from Pastificio Leonessa is made according to Neapolitan pasta making traditions. The pasta is extruded through bronze and dried slowly at low temperatures, making the most of the perfectly balanced climate. Scialatielli is a normally fresh pasta typical of Campania, particularly the Amalfi region, although nowadays it has become popular throughout the entire coastal area of Campania and in Sicily. The name, Scialatielli, apparently derives from the union of two words from the Neapolitan dialect; ‘scialare’ (to enjoy) and ‘tiella’ (pan). This pasta has long been recognized as a PAT food in Campania meaning a Traditional Agri-food Product.


Durum wheat semolina and water, pasta made from drawing bronze and dried at room temperature 

Cooking Tim:

18 minutes


500 G / 1.1 LB


Naples, Campania, Italy


Pastificio Artigianale Leonessa