Fusillo Napoletano with Meat Sauce and Baffalo Ricotta Cheese

Serve 4-5 people


1. 500g of Leonessa Fusillo Napoletano

2. 5kg of "San Marzano" tomatoes

3. 250g of diced Veal

4. 250g of Rib (Beef)

5. 250 gr of Loin Beef

6. 1 onion 

7. 2 tablespoons of lard 

8. 200g of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 

9. 100g of Buffalo Ricotta cheese

10. 50g of soft goat Cheese

11. 2,5dl of dry white wine

12. basil, salt to taste.


(It's advised to start preparing the day before)

1.In a pan, add oil and cook the meat until it gets brown. When it gets well-braised add the chopped onion and continue to cook until the meat gets a dark crust and becomes crispy. The onions, also has to brown and make sure not to burn it. Add wine and let evaporate. When the meat looks cooked, add two tablespoons of lard and tomatoes passed in the blender. Continue cooking over low heat all day, stirring from time to time so it doesn't stick on the bottom. The sauce will have to, as they say in Naples, "pippiare" - it means that it has to cook slowly and not boil. At night turn it off and continue to cook the next day on a low heat until it reaches the desired density. Add salt to taste and turn off. 

2. Cook the Fusilli pasta in a pot with salted water for 14-16 minutes and drain it "al dente".  Drain it and cook until creamy with the meat sauce, ricotta cheese and fresh basil leaves.

3. Serve decorating with flakes of buffalo ricotta cheese and fresh basil. 


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