Limoncello Carlo Mansi

~Limoncello from The Heart Of The Amalfi Coast~

Limoncello , Pistachio Cream , Melon Cream ,and Lemon Cream NOW officially here in the United States!!!

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The official products

The tradition of homemade Limoncello produced by Liquorificio Carlo Mansi who is the first Limoncello producer in the heart of the Amalfi Coast since 1990, the most recently passion for liqueur production.

According to traditional recipe and authenticity of raw ingredients. From the harvest to guarantee always fresh and quality raw materials, then process with strictly manual techniques, finally transform into Limoncello. The process is to offer costumers the guarantee of a high quality product, a fresh digestivo liqueur smelling of the fragrances of the Amalfi Coast. The liqueur make from lemon peels so it has a pronounced green color and big flavor.

Limoncello contains with water, alcohol, sugar, lemon peels.

Alc. 30% by vol. 


In additional to Limoncello, Carlo Mansi also produces other three spirits using traditional method:

Pistachio Liqueur, the rich flavor and best quality of the pistachio di Bronte, the emerald of Sicily pistachio with the texture of the cream, the mouthfeel is silky smooth and luxuriously light, the pistachio cream is simply divine.

Pistachio Liqueur contains with alcohol, rehydrated and pasteurized milk powder, pistachio paste, sugar, flavorings, thickener, starch, caramel color.

Alc. 20% by vol. 


Melon Liqueur has the intense aroma and sweet flavor of Cantaloupe Melon ripened under the sun of Amalfi Coast, born creams melon liqueur , also called Meloncelllo.

Melon Liqueur contains with alcohol, rehydrated and pasteurized milk powder, sugar, melon artificial flavor.

Alc. 20% by vol. 


Lemon Liqueur, pleasantly sweet and with a moderate alcohol content, characterized by an intense of lemon and incredibly smooth and creamy texture to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Lemon Liqueur contains with infused lemon peel in rehydrated alcohol, sugar, rehydrated powder and pasteurized milk

Alc. 20% by vol.