About Ciambelline al vino rosso di Anzio by Pasqua Di Mario Ronci (Italian Red Wine Donuts)


According to an ancient bakery oven recipe by Adelfio Ronci and his wife Pasqua, the typical "ciambelline al vino" was born in Anzio (a town near Rome) in 1915. This product retains the original way of making sweets and typical dishes in the region, combining maritime traditions with the gastronomic experience of Lazio. The high-quality ingredients come entirely from Italy, making this product truly unique. This is a "must try" that allows you to walk into the memory, where we can be children again, waiting for the biscuits prepared by grandma for us.

These handmade red wine donuts have over 100 years history, with natural ingredients without preservatives, dyes and additives. They have a unique and refined taste enriched by the aroma of wine and sugar grains. It is one of the most popular snacks for the Romans.