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A “Così Com’è” tomato is different by nature. Acidity and right balance of sugars determine its taste. “Così Com’è” chooses only tomato varieties with a high sugar content. The inner sweetness level is measured in Brix grades. When the Brix grade is higher, the tomato sensory pleasantness will be higher. If a common tomato has a Brix grade of 4,5°, the “Così Com’è” tomato reaches much higher values. Only “Così Com’è” tomatoes are crunchy outside and sweet and juicy inside.

The difference between the red "datterino" tomato and other tomato varieties is its elongated "date" berries. The Così Com'è red datterino has a high sweetness, nearly twice that of the classic tomato variety, has an intense flavor and extremely thin skin, with a bright red color. This type of tomato has a certain consistency, so it can be stored for a longer time after harvest. The yellow datterino tomato is the true "ancestor" of the tomato, and the Italians coined the term "golden apple". The yellow datterino is an extraordinary tomato with extremely high sweetness and low acidity as well as a bright yellow color. When harvested, it appears in regular clusters of 14-16 fruits, the cylindrical shape is not well defined and uniform. It is rich in substances with high antioxidant capacity , which can neutralize free radicals. It also contains Vitamin C, A and B. Pizzutello is a typical type of Campania and is extremely resistant even in the driest climate. Because of the perfect climate and geographical environment, Pizzutello tomatoes are delicious, with firm and fleshy flesh, and a balanced taste. Così Com’è Pizzutello has the original flavor and perfect flavor of original tomatoes, making it ideal for fast food and long-term cooking recipes. Starting from an oval shape, it has the typical pointed apex in the Campania dialect "pizzuto", hence the name "pizzutello", and it appears bright red when fully mature.