Linguine pasta with clams, squid, and cherry tomatoes

Serve 4-5 people


1.  500 gr of linguine pasta

2.  2 pounds of Clams

3.  1 pounds of Squid

4.  24 oz datterino tomatoes (2 jars)

5.  4 cloves of garlic

6.  Extra virgin olive oil

7.  Parsley

8. Salt and pepper to taste.


1. Cook clams and squid separately in two skillets.

1) Heat the oil in a skillet, add 2 cloves of garlics and cherry tomatoes, to cook and stirring for few minutes, add parsley and salt to taste. Add in squid, cook and stirring for few minutes until its almost done. 

2) Heat the oil in another skillet, add 2 cloves of garlics, to cook and stirring for few minutes. Add in clams and parsley, then put on the lid. Check every few minutes until the clams almost open. Put the flameout but keep the lid on for the later usage. 

2. Cook pasta: Meanwhile cook the linguine in a pot with salted water for 8-9 minutes and drain it "al dente". 

3. Season pasta in the squid skillet, and put in clams. ( add a little bit juice from clams' skillet if the pasts is dry, or just add in some juice to give pasta more flavor) 

4. Serve placing the linguine nest with the help of a ladle, and placing over squid and clams. Then add the topping and a pinch of freshly parsley, and black peppers.


Shopping List:

1. Linguine

2. Red datterino tomatoes

3. Extra virgin olive oil