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Bucatini di Gragnano IGP by Gusto Italiano-500g/1.1 LB

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Bucatini is a long format of Gragnano IGP pasta, bronze-drawn, produced in the historic pasta factory in Gragnano, with an artisanal recipe using only 100% Italian wheat from the Frentane hills.

Bucatini is a thick spaghetti-like pasta with a hole running through the center.

In Italian cuisine, it is served with buttery sauces, pancetta or guanciale, vegetables, cheese, eggs, and anchovies or sardines. One of the most common sauces to serve with Bucatini is the classic Amatriciana sauce. It is traditionally made with guanciale, a type of cured meat taken from the pork jowl. 

About Gragnano:

Located on a hilltop between Monti Lattari and the Amalfi Coast, Gragnano is celebrated for its air-dried, bronze-extruded pasta across the world.The city of Gragnano is said to make the best pasta in the world. This is mostly due to the city's unique positioning. Because it sits next to a mountain, the air is generally cool. The unique mixture of sun, humidity, and wind in the region combine to form the right conditions for growing a superior wheat product.


100% Italian Durum wheat semolina and water. 

Cooking Time

11 minutes


500 G / 1.1 LB


Gragnano, Campania, Italy