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Personal Gift Box : 4 packs pasta by Leonessa+ 2 Jars of Cherry Tomatoes

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Buon Natale!!!

Christmas has landed at Gusto Italiano!

The most magical time of the year is here, and we've got the Santa-approved gift box directly from Italy to your home. 

Gift Now for the most dedicated personal gift box, premium & high quality only from Italy.  

Contents: 4 packs pasta by Leonessa+ 2 Jars of Cherry Tomatoes 

  1. A pack of Tagliatelle Mushroom Pasta
  2. A pack of Farfalle Vegetali Pasta
  3. A pack of Linguine Pasta
  4. A pack of Bucatini Pasta
  5. 2 Jars of Cherry Tomatoes by Così Com'è or Nobile or Mutti (randomly given)
  6. Pasta Recipes

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