Spaghetti Pomodoro( with Red Datterino Tomatoes)

Serve 4 people


1. 500 g Leonessa Spaghetti Pasta

2. 24.7oz (2 jars) of Red Datterino Tomatoes in Water

3. Basil 

4. 2 cloves of Garlic 

5. Grated parmesan if you prefer 

6. Salt ,pepper ,extra virgin olive oil


1. Heat a little oil with garlic in a pan.

2. Pour the water from one jar of tomatoes with all the tomatoes. Set another jar of water aside in case the sauce dries out. Then add in couple leaves of basil.

3. Cook until the tomatoes are soft and the sauce is creamy, you can squeeze tomatoes a little bit when they becomes soft. Sometime I cut the tomatoes in half to help the tomatoes become soft quicker. Remove the Garlic once the sauce is ready. 

4. Meanwhile cook the pasta in a pot with salted water for 9 minutes and drain it "al dente" (taste a minute earlier to decide your preference). Keep a cup of pasta water for later. 

5. Drain the pasta and add in the tomato sauce. 

6. Add a small amount of pasta water if the sauce is too dry and turn up the flame to mix the sauce and pasta, you will see the sauce become creamy and coating around pasta very well. 

7. Decorate with basil and serve. ( add a little bit black pepper or grated parmesan on top if you prefer)

Shopping List :


Red Datterino Tomatoes in water