Spaghetti With Langostino and Zucchini

Serve for 2-3 people


1. 250 gr Spaghetti

2. half pounds of Langostino

3. 3 small size of zucchini, depend on your preference

4. 1 clove of the garlic

5. Parsley

6. 4 tablespoons of white wine,

7. 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil



1. In a cover pan cook the olive oil with garlic , while the oil is hot, put in the zucchini cuts ( cut zucchini in cubes about 1/2 inch thick)with slow flame and cover the lid.

2. Stir the zucchini from time to time until it's soft, then add in white wine, cover with slow flame.

3. After about 6 minutes , add in langostini, and let them cook. again cover with slow flame.

4. Finally, add a ladle of water took from the pasta water

5. At the same time, in another pot with boil salty water, put in Spaghetti for 8-9 minutes and drain it  "al dente".

6. Drain them and add to the sauce mix together

7.Serve on the plate and decorate with few leaves of parsley on top of it.


Shopping List:

1. Spaghetti

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil